Drawings With Greys

A simple thing like a pencil when faced with its dexterity as compared to a digital stylus, the cost difference is amazing. With a simple 2B pencil, one can get a sharp line, greys through crosshatching, light or dark grey tones..all with a simple 50 cent piece of wood and graphite.

I bought a digital stylus a few months ago for over $100, and its pretty amazing in its ability to emulate natural pencil strokes, pen strokes, brush strokes and the like, but…it’s a lot of button pushing. It has its place, but paper and pencil still can’t be beat.



A Day Off In Four Pages (Pt 4)

Why did I start a drawing blog? Simple, really–a motivator to push me to put pencil to paper again after something like ten years of distraction. Oh, I never stopped drawing, I have a couple of boxes of sketchbooks in our shed in the backyard, but I felt like the ‘public face’ of a blog was enough of a motivator to get myself drawing and elevate my projects from sketch doodling to storytelling once again.

It has worked.


A Day Off In Four Pages (Pt 2)

I love Mondays lately since I usually have it off–since losing my corporate job in 2008, my splendid career has taken as many directions seemingly as when I was in my 20s–barista, comic book store manager, wine and cheese seller, purveyor of Spanish groceries, baker…god, what else?

This blog also will be an exploration, in general, of what my focus is going to be, as I think I have an interesting story to tell, interesting drawings to make, and given my perspective and experience moving much closer to ‘retirement’, a viewpoint that many older-sters might find appealing.

Here is part the two of my day. The plot sickens.


A Day Off In Four Pages (Pt 1)

Sophie Yanow, a young comics artist whom I used to work with, has been going to town lately since she left Oakland for a cartoonist’s residency in Montreal. She just recently visited the Angouleme comics festival in France and intends to stay in Europe for a few months. How she is managing this financially, I have no idea, but the fact that she is doing it is very impressive.

She got me started by doing a comic that reflected her entire day in hourly segments. I thought to give it a whirl myself–and Monday, February 4. 2013 was the day. It was not embellished in any way at all–and all events chronicled were true. Really.



A Typical Day

The first in what may be a brief series of short vignettes of a daily life for me. It captures a typical day in stark relief, covering the events of the day. Whether this is a tragic display or joyous, it all depends on your perspective.


The Neighborhood

I have so many story ideas floating around in my head; often the hardest thing for me is to simply be able to focus on just one of them long enough to make some headway. So I’ve chosen, instead, to start off ‘small’ and less ambitious, by simply posting pictures I’ve drawn.

Mostly my work is in straight pencil these days, no real layouts except what’s in my head. I put pencil to paper and you get what you get.