Cafes are a good place to relax and get the pencils out.

Cafes are a good place to relax and get the pencils out.



I love comics. I have loved comics and visual storytelling with passion since I was a kid reading Action Comics in 1957 while flying with my Mom on a visit to Nebraska.

In 1966 when I turned 13, I rediscovered comic books again which began my now life-long love affair with that delightful combination of words and pictures.  While I now still have some zeal for super-hero comics and concepts some four decades later, it is only a small part of my current passion.

Because I liked comics, I had to learn how to draw…and learn how to write. I never really managed to succeed as a comics artist professionally, but the industry has supported me in the role of sales manager for a small indie publisher (Viz Comics), prolific LOCer (google it, youngster), comic book store manager, online blogger, reviewer, fanzine artist, zine maker,  independent comics dealer, and yes…despite the peripheral involvement in the mercantile aspect of the industry, I do…continue…to draw.

Finding that life has interfered enough with any long term drawing hopes, I’ve decided to simply get back to basics–drawing. Pencil, paper, and occasionally an eraser or ruler. Whet my appetite again, and move toward doing comics–for me and my own pleasure–once again.

Hope you enjoy these pages. Always glad to hear from fellow cartoonists, comic artists, and comic book fans of all squares and stripes.



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