Comics Are Crazy Expensive

I’ve worked in the comics field on and off for years; as a dealer and seller, manager of a couple of comic book shops, and even as a sales manager for a small comic book publisher. I’ve drawn my own comics, published my own comics, written LOC that have been published in comics and comic-related publications, and even had a brief career as an online comics pundit columnist a few years ago.

I have since left the field, both as merchant as well as retailer, and have happily embraced a newish career but…I still love comics. I love the medium, but…but…I find that I’m much less interested in the nostalgic titles I enjoyed as a kid and the characters of both Marvel and DC are simply no longer being marketed to appeal to an older guy (60+) like myself.

The typical comic book these days runs, if you’re fortunate, about $2.99. More often $3.50 or $3.99. Sure, the quality of the paper is better, the production values have improved, but seriously…$3 for something like 15 minutes at best of entertainment? Much as I might miss the travails of Spider-man, Batman, I simply can’t justify spending that kind of money for a simple flimsy comic book.

Fortunately, there is an alternative with the library, remainder sales at bookstores of graphic novels or collections, or even were I to brave the tech effort, reading them pirated online.  Still, I’ve become more of a book reader these days, whether from I’d bookstores or the library or even on my iPad with ebooks.

I gotta admit that I sometimes miss reading these comics, but when I drift toward this type of media, I lean towards other genres besides superhero–crime, true life, sci-fi, and Image Comics is publishing some of the best material out there, hands down.

So. I got over expensive comics. I simply don’t buy them. I do without. After having been a crazed collector from the age of 13…after nearly 50 years, I found I simply have outgrown a lot of it. Oh, not the medium itself, just the price points…and maybe even supeheroics.

And that’s crazy.


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