Sketches From Cole Coffee

Weird day, Friday. First thing in the morning I get a call from the caregivers for my Mom. Seems she’s really out of it; non-responsive, out of it…and then that afternoon I get a call from our son who makes a surprising, life-changing announcement out of the blue, only to email back several hours to say ‘never mind’, so…wtf?

What do you do–well, whatever you can with the information you have, right? I’ll call the doctor on Monday again and well, wait to hear from our son. He’s still young and capable but still–he’s our son and we worry. So…breakfast, work…whatever. And these sketches this morning at Cole Coffee over on College Avenue.

Ordered a macchiato but they charged me an extra 20¢ for a ‘for here’ cup. Again…wtf. You want me to pay for doing your dishes, fine–then that’s your tip. Sorry.

(PS–son called and he’s fine; just going through an apparently brief existential crisis)



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