A Boy and His Dog– Peanuts Rip

We were sitting around the dinner table with a couple of friends the other night and my wife was showing off my old sketchbooks for laughs and we all started talking about comic strips and how they might change with the times, or if they were not graced with the poetic license of never aging.

We tried to picture the Peanuts gang all grown up and ready for retirement. How would that look? Would all have survived? Would Lucy have actually have become a psychiatrist or maybe some pop psych guru? Shroeder a concert pianist?

Me? I was curious about the dog.


And just for fun, here’s the page I used to do some rough sketchups of the characters. Interesting to note that my reference was all from online sources, with a sketchbook in front of me, a pencil in hand, and my iPad in front of me with the Google results for such things as ‘snoopy images’, or ‘predator drone images’. You’ll note that I reversed a couple of panels in terms of order to better tell this brief vignette story, gave Charlie a baseball cap, and didn’t add in the satellite dish on the doghouse (though in retrospect I wish I’d left it in). It was fun.



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