Archie Andrews and Medicare

Back when I was living with three friends in Menlo Park, I managed to get the local college newspaper The Stanford Daily at Stanford to publish my comic strip. It lasted a semester, it faded from general awareness in 1979 after its debut in 1978, and no one shed any tears. It was a fun time, I managed to piss off both the physical education department as well as some humorless women’s libbers (at least in my view), and I probably grew a bit through the experience, as well.

No, I didn’t actually attend Stanford as a student, having already graduated from college a couple of years previous, but living in a lively college town, making my way selling hot tubs, falling in love (again), getting fired for the first time from a job I held only two weeks, and getting my comic in the local paper made for a memorable 1979.

Now…some thirty plus years later I put pencil to paper once again in a little exercise to see how I might put together a newspaper (or web, for that matter) comic strip featuring…featuring.. .umm…well, Archie and the gang all grown up and ready for social security.

Naturally I wouldn’t and couldn’t use those copyrighted characters or any semblance similar to them, but if you’re going to write and draw a comic about what you know…then write about that generation of your own.

There are newspaper strips out there featuring older characters, and I suppose those cartoonists may be putting together some livelihood doing it, so what the hell.

Here was a page of sketches delineating a cast of characters, all in retirement or soon to arrive in that post-62-years-old state; some ready financially, some not, but all having to deal with the tribulations of life…loneliness, desire, poverty, health, and…simply forgetting shit.



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