What I’m Doing With My Life

The day is long, life is long, and while not many of us make a mark to remember our passing like famous writers, statespersons, film stars, or philosophers, we all make an impact to one degree or another on those in our own, immediate circle.

I once wanted to be, at best, a comics artist that made his living drawing pictures. It never happened, I’m not convinced it ever will, but I haven’t quite given up. Along the way I’ve done some interesting things; been a hot tub salesman, vitamin peddler, new age hardware store clerk, soda jerk, barista, comic book store manager, and even singing telegram messenger.

In Japan for three years I taught English and had a part in a rock video. I’ve actually been paid to do commercial art, bought a sailboat that I never sailed, kissed a lot of girls and didn’t make them cry, and now…now at nearly 60 I’m mostly working in a bookstore selling old and new comic books, baking for a local cafe, and even anticipating some possible crazy changes in the next few months (more on that if I can bring myself to write about it).

In this mood the other day, I threw this little piece together.



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