What Does It Mean?

Our daughter, Stephanie, is an artist who has been reasonably successful in her chosen career as an independent creator of ‘sculpture’ since she graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute (and picked up an MFA from Stanford just a couple of years ago). She had wanted to be an artist since…well, since we met when she was seven and I became her stepdad. The one piece of work that I wish I still had (and she no doubt wishes I would forget) was the camera she made from an old tampon box. You pressed a ‘button’ and out would pop a photograph.

Now her work is in the permanent collections of a couple of museums of modern art. Go figure.

One thing I remember I would ask her whenever we attended one of her show openings was ‘what does this piece mean?’ Navigating the rarified world of post modern art is no easy task, but she would be patient in her consistent demand that I needed to, and I paraphrase here wildly, to figure out for myself what it meant–to me. What did I the viewer draw from the experience of seeing this piece?

So look below. What do you see and how do you understand this comic?



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